Sunday, January 15, 2017

Unsung Heroes

 The ArtEffect Project, with a $7,500 grand prize, gives students grades 6-12 an opportunity to generate unique, creative interpretations both literal and abstract that honor the legacies of Unsung Heroes in an array of artistic mediums. LMC’s arts initiative aims to teach students the power they have to create positive change in the world through visual storytelling. Students may choose between celebrating an already discovered Unsung Hero or discovering a new Unsung Hero to share with the world. Last year one of our very own was a finalist in this competition! If you are interested in participating please see me or go here for more information.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Upside Down

In class this week we are talking about the difference between left and right brain functions. As we explore our drawing unit we are finding it easier to draw something detailed when it is upside down. This forces us to look at the lines and shapes (positive and negative) that make up the design instead of trying to draw something specific (ie: bamboo, woman, hut).  If you want to practice at home I have included the image here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Art Journal Every Day

If you are taking any of the art classes offered this semester you will be using a sketchbook almost every day. Sometimes these are called: art journals, visual-verbal journals, altered books and several other monikers. Here is a great website that will provide you with lots of inspiration in the coming months!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Behind The Mask

This is a reminder to anyone creating artwork for the Behind The Mask exhibit at the Big Shanty Art Station. Projects are due first thing Thursday morning when you come to school! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. Happy New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2016

PPT and Weebly - How to do it!


Monday, December 12, 2016

Visual Comp 1 Assessment

This is due on Friday 12/16. Absolutely no late grace period. If you do not turn it in you will receive a zero. Please make sure you answer ALL PARTS OF THE QUESTION. This needs to be typed and handed in. Use this handout to help you answer the questions.
Common assessment #1: Art History

Throughout time, artists have built upon each other’s influence. An artist can view a work from the past
and become inspired to build on ideas and develop a unique approach of his/her own. Select an artwork
you have created so far in 8th VA COMP. Compare this artwork with an artist's artwork(s) from the
past/present and answer the following questions:

-Who is the influencing artist and why was/is their work impactful? (at least 5 sentences)

-What is similar about your work and the artist's work? What is different?

(focus on style, media, subject matter, purpose and outside influences)

-Do you think this artist would have liked your work? Why or why not? (at least 2 sentences)

You can do this through:

-a written 3 paragraph essay
-a compare and contrast chart
-a powerpoint or similar presentation
-a sticky note visual with commentary
-a recorded interview on camera

Portfolio Requirements for VC1

There seems to be some confusing about what needs to be on your website by 12/14/2016. Please refer to the original blog post.  You need to have the following pages:

1. Home page - with your artist statement on it
2. Sketchbook page - with four of your best drawings on it
3. Altered book page - with 2-4 of your best pages on it
4. Projects page - colored pencil, painting, reflections, color wheel and print on it.
5. Assessment - We will have an assessment this week that needs to be on it.

Please remember what we went over about taking photographs for the website and how to crop pictures in order to put emphasis on the artwork and not the bush in the background! Please take the time to make this portfolio look personal by adding your own pics or copyright appropriate pics in the headers. Do not use default pics!

If you have any additional questions please see me when you can or email.