Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Graphic Organizer

Need an new graphic organizer to use in your classroom?  Try!  iCREATE!  This tool can be used for so many interactive assignments in the art room.  You might want to use this with QR codes in each block which would make a great at home study guide. Or students can design apps for different styles of art and artists, or even sub plans when you are out, the options are endless. You can download the full page here.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Whistle While You Walk

For years now elementary art teachers have been teaching line to all their students. In Kindergarten we start with that infamous (and often misquoted) quote by Paul Klee, "A line is a dot that went for a walk." Well, I have been "walking" lines with Kinders for years and this year I was excited to run across this idea on Pinterest. What a fun way to teach the basics of line but at the same time turn it into a project that looks great and incorporates technology too!

Here is a step by step of how we did it:

Students practiced the different kinds of lines they learned from our Line PowerPoint on the Promethean Board. They love using the interactive white board! They also practiced drawing lines in their sketchbooks.

While that was going on we took digital photographs of students making their best whistling faces! Those were then printed, cut out, and glued to their white paper.

Students completed their projects by adding their whistling lines! We spent time talking about how sound "looks" and had a lot of fun drawing our own special tunes!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Dot

Not sure what to do with your Kindergartners the 1st week of art....what about making a dot!?!?!  "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds is one of my favorittes. I read it to all K classes and every student made their own special dot framed in "swirly gold" just like in our story.  Each dot is so unique, just like my new students! I am excited for how the school year has begun. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a little happy

One of the things I love about my school the most is the permanent art that we have on display here. Our cow now lives in the outdoor classroom garden. He makes me happy every time I see him! When I pause to think about permanent works that I have created with my students lots of fun memories come to mind.  Have you created any permanent pieces at your school? Share the links in comments - we would love to see. Here are a few of mine below:

Recycled bottle Chihuly sculpture

Keith Haring wood sculptures

Domino Mona Lisa (I need a better pic of this!)

 Stuart Davis Installations

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wordle Wall

Welcome back! It is hard to imagine that it is already the 2013-2014 school year. I am excited to be back and I am recommitting myself to the blog this year. When I logged on and realized my last post was in November I was shocked. We did so many great things last year in "The Crayon Lab"! Reflecting back, I know exactly why I stopped blogging, and hopefully this year will be different. 

There is a lot of newness here this year. I am trying to embrace it with excitement, but it's a challenge. One thing that has not changed is my love of technology. This years word wall is a "wordle" wall! Do you know Wordle? If you don't you need to check it out. It is a fun and easy way to create a word cloud. I use them in my PPTS, handouts, and projects! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Comment Gifts!

The Crayon Lab is probably the third or fourth blog I have started over the years. It is hands down the one that sees the most traffic and is therefore most successful ?????? What makes a blog successful?

I am honestly not sure. I know my audience for this blog is other art teachers. I can tell from looking at my statistics that over 5,000 people come to my blog each month. FIVE THOUSAND! That seems like a lot to me since I am just over here chugging along doing what I do.

I am sure that is nothing compared to some of the very popular art teacher blogs we know that are out there! Yet - I still go back to wondering why I write it and if it is successful?!?!?! It seems like a burden sometimes - why keep doing it?????????  Well - In the end I know it's because I enjoy sharing and I love how technology helps to make that possible. I think the one thing that is missing for me is the joy of getting to know more art teachers through blogging! So - in the spirit of the holiday season I ask you to leave me a gift if you are here :)  Please leave me a comment and tell me something! Who are you? Where do you teach? Just say "hi!" so I know you are out there! Leave me the link to your blog while you are at it so that some of these 5,000 visitors can visit you too! I would love to create more of a community of sharing so let's get to know each other!  Happy Holidays - Jenn

Art Room Bulletin Boards

It's that time again! Time to change my bulletin board. Oh! many hours I have spent looking for some fun and inspiring ideas! I used to love doing boards when I first started teaching but for awhile the excitment has waned. Last year started off with a bang when my team art teacher and I made our Facebook board.

The excitiment continued this year with two new ones....Ms. Elfers has been busy! What does this remind you of??????????????????????????????????????????
A little video look at some of the current artists we are both studying with our students!

I think a Pinterest board is in order next....if anyone has done it successfully yet I have not been able to find pictures other than this one:

So....stay tuned! Maybe some QR codes will make it onto the board as well! What do you think we should pin????????????  Have any other fun board ideas? Please share!