Thursday, May 3, 2018

Visual Comp Final Portfolio Requirements

1. All Final Exam Projects and Essays Due on Friday, May 19th.

2. All art portfolio blogs need to be updated. This is a requirement and a grade. Due on Monday, May 21nd.

Please refer to the original blog post. You need to have the following pages:

1. Home page - with your artist statement on it
2. Sketchbook page - with 8-10 of your best drawings on it
3. Projects page - colored pencil, painting, reflections, color wheel, print, art show pieces, final project, paper mache, and any other assignments you have done in here or at home. The more you have, the stronger your portfolio!
4. Assessment - Both assessments should be on this page - including the writing. Do not upload a picture of your writing - type it in!

Please remember what we went over about taking photographs for the website and how to crop pictures in order to put emphasis on the artwork and not the bush in the background! Take the time to make this portfolio look personal by adding your own pics or copyright appropriate pics in the headers. Do not use default pics!

If you have any additional questions please see me when you can or email.

Visual Composition Final Assessment

Common assessment #2: Art History

Throughout time, artists have built upon each other’s influence.  An artist can view a work from the past and become inspired to build on ideas and develop a unique approach of his/her own.  Select an artwork you have created so far in 8th VA COMP.  Compare this artwork with an artist's artwork(s) from the past/present and answer the following questions:

-Who is the influencing artist and why was/is their work impactful?  (at least 3-5 sentences)

-What is similar about your work and the artist's work? What is different?

 (focus on style, media, subject matter, purpose and outside influences)

-Do you think this artist would have liked your work? Why or why not? (at least 2 sentences)

A student can do this through:

-a written 3 paragraph essay

-a compare and contrast chart

Use the project you created for the art show for this assessment. EVERYONE picked an artist that influenced them when we started. See me if you need help. This assignment is due on your blog by Wednesday 3/10. If you are going on the Disney trip this needs to be done BEFORE you go!
Please upload your writing and the picture of your artwork under the assessments tab of  your blog.