Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Fun!

I could not be more excited for summer and all the fun it brings. My first stop is going to be teaching at the Woodruff Arts Center Educator Conference! Have you been before? It used to be called the High Museum Summer Institute. This year they are working with all the other parts of the Woodruff to put on one amazing conference! I hope I have time to take something too!  I will be teaching about augmented reality and how to use that in your classroom to make learning come alive. It is relatively new to me and I have only started using it this year. Follow along with me this summer as many more resources start to pop-up here so that you can learn too!

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  1. Hi Crayon Lab! I don't see a way to contact you, so I'm leaving this in a comment. I'm an editor at FamilyFun Magazine and I'm interested in working with you (specifically, those cool Chihuly coffee filter projects!). Can you send me an email? Thank you! -


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