Monday, November 14, 2016

Visual Comp Online Portfolios

Between now and when we return from Thanksgiving break you need to set up y our Visual Composition 1 Online Portfolio. This is ONLY for the students in the AC Art class in 8th grade. . I have set up your pages and log-in ahead of time. Your log in is FirstnameLastinitial2016. Please note that the first letter of your first name and first letter of last name are capitals. Everyone has the same password right now which is mcclurems. Please change your password after you have logged in the first time. Logan M., Faith B., and Jordan H. will all need to use their FirstnameLastname2016 to log in. Same rules for capitals apply. Once you are logged in successfully, and changed your password (write it down someplace secure!) then you can start designing. Here is a video that shows you step-by-step what you need to do. Have fun with it and make it your own! Ignore the log-in information in this video and log-in here: Spend some time looking at some former VC1 students websites to get an idea of what needs to be included. Those can be found here. By the time we see each other next I would like you to have a title for your blog with your name in it. You should also have pages set up that are sketchbook, altered book, projects, and assessments. Feel free to add any additional pages you would like to add. Please add your Reflections project pic to your projects page. If you get stuck email me at and I will help you. Have fun with this and let me see your creativity shine!

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