Saturday, January 4, 2020


I am excited for the beginning of 3rd quarter to start. Welcome back and I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing December break. If you are new to art this quarter - yay! All students will be required to have a spiral sketchbook that is 9 x 12 and a wooden pencil. Sketchbooks can be found at Walmart, Target, Michaels, 2nd and Charles, and Amazon. You don't need anything fancy but they do need to be spiral bound on the top or the side. We will use our sketchbooks every day in art.

While you are in the art room you will get to see all  the sets for the school play being made. It's very exciting and the play is almost here! Stay tuned to buy your tickets to see Beauty and the Beast soon. In the meantime here is a sneak peek. Can you tell which scene this is?

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