Monday, August 22, 2011

Art Room Bulletin Boards

Every August I get excited to get my room ready for a new year. This year was no exception. As I hung some new things and some of my old favorites it occured to me that often times I am looking on the internet for art classroom displays and rarely find inspiration. Today I am going to share. Do you have a picture of your classroom you would like to share too? Email me!

This is my main bulletin board in my art room. I always make this display a variation of a color wheel theme! A special shout out to my friend Andy for making me as the ring leader!

My traffic light needs a little updating, but it works to let the children know if they are getting too loud. My helping chart makes everything fair and the students know that every Monday morning I change it to be a different colored table. Those students are the only students allowed to be out of their seats to help with supplies.

A close-up of my helping chart.

This year's variation of my world wall. I have made little banners as the decoration all over the room and it's made everything very colorful.

And here is one of my favorite things - the art room clock!!!


  1. I love your boards! Hope you don't mind but I posted a link from my blog to this post at my bulletin board blog. jan

  2. OMG i love the color circus what grade is that for and may i borrow your idea i will make changes to it of course thanks

    1. Of course you can borrow! I teach in an elementary school but this idea could be modified for any grade level.


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