Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keith Haring Sculpture Lesson

Every year at my elementary school I try to make one permanent piece of art with my students that will stay long after they are gone as their legacy. It also makes our school bright with art and very kid friendly. This Keith Haring sculpture is one of those projects. It has been a big hit on Pinterest so I thought I would blog about it here. I used pressure treated plywood, house paint, and paint markers to make this project, but it could just as easily be done with foam core/cardboard for a less permanent installation. Students designed the figures and I cut out two identical outlines of the figures. One had a slit from the top of the head to the middle. The other had a slit from the bottom to the middle. This makes the two pieces slide together and stand up! Then they were painted and the students went back in with paint markers to add the Keith Haring inspired designs. There were 5 of these when we first made them - some red, yellow, and blue. They have been outside our school for 6 years now braving the elements. I smile every time I see them!


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