Friday, October 19, 2012

Frida and Diego

Like many I have always been fascinated by Frida Kahlo. Her life intrigues me. Her relationship with her husband is fascinating. (I often wish my husband and I could have separate houses separated by a bridge! Tee hee.) When I heard she was coming to the High Museum of Art I was thrilled! I have seen some of her work (and Diego's) when I was in Mexico but it has been too long. My excitement for the show and my joy of bringing that to my students made an obvious need for a Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera lesson. The students really focused on symbols that represented themselves. I love them!

Here is a close-up!


  1. Question about the process: did they create a background collage and put a cut-out portrait on top? Are the symbols drawn on separate paper and collated in?

    1. Everything is drawn seperately and collaged on. Although you could easily do it the way you suggested too, would take less time!


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