Friday, October 19, 2012

Real art? Real artists?

My favorite part of the Woodruff Salutes Arts in Education event was the student art show I had as part of the event. My students often tell me "I am going to be an artist when I grow up!" My standard answer is that they are ALREADY artists and they don't have to wait until the grow up! Having a show of their work at the Woodruff Arts Center - which is a major visual and performing arts center located in Atlanta - is VERY exciting! I could not be more proud of their work and how very professional the show was! Is it real art? You bet and it was made by real artists!
Lots and lots of planning before hand. I thought I was going to have one small wall so we were working on a salon style hanging. The toes belong to The Lake Forest Louvre.
I had a lot of great help to make it a reality! Isn't the space pretty?
Fifth grader self-portraits in the style of Howard Finster. Their personal poems are as interesting as their art!

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