Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Art Room Bulletin Boards

It's that time again! Time to change my bulletin board. Oh! many hours I have spent looking for some fun and inspiring ideas! I used to love doing boards when I first started teaching but for awhile the excitment has waned. Last year started off with a bang when my team art teacher and I made our Facebook board.

The excitiment continued this year with two new ones....Ms. Elfers has been busy! What does this remind you of??????????????????????????????????????????
A little video look at some of the current artists we are both studying with our students!

I think a Pinterest board is in order next....if anyone has done it successfully yet I have not been able to find pictures other than this one:

So....stay tuned! Maybe some QR codes will make it onto the board as well! What do you think we should pin????????????  Have any other fun board ideas? Please share!

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