Friday, November 2, 2012

Sculpture Hats

Non-clay sculpture is one of the objectives that we cover in every grade level. As I am planning for future Kindergarten units I always come back to one of my favorites - Sculpture Hats!

Students start out with an 12 x 18 sheet of construction paper.  They cut on the lines to create the base of the hat. The side points are staples together to create the front and back of the hats. The middle points are used as a part of the sculpture. There are lots of different solutions for "the wings" on your hat and the students LOVE coming up with ideas.

Art students use 1 X 12 strips of colored construction paper to create the lines in their sculputure hats. It is a great review of the different kinds of lines we used at the beginning of the year.  We focus on looking at ALL sides of the sculpture as we create our new forms.

Little hands glue, pinch, fold and hold!


  1. What a great, simple, colorful idea! 'Can't wait to try it with my 'Art Explorers' students. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I made hats with my kindergartners every year, with similar ideas. But we used a paper plate for the base (I punched holes in the sides and strung a ribbon or yarn piece through and tied them under their chins). Also, instead of glue, I used colored rolls of paper tape, with little moist sponges at their tables. The kids would cut strips, and bend, roll, curl, fold, zigzag, fringe, etc, and stick them on by simply dabbing them on the sponge. We always made them right before Easter vacation. Some might have called them Easter bonnets, but being Jewish, I called them "spring hats". The kids loved them.

  3. Love these!!!! I do Line Coasters with my 1st graders and am always building and elaborating on the project. This is a great twist.


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