Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a little happy

One of the things I love about my school the most is the permanent art that we have on display here. Our cow now lives in the outdoor classroom garden. He makes me happy every time I see him! When I pause to think about permanent works that I have created with my students lots of fun memories come to mind.  Have you created any permanent pieces at your school? Share the links in comments - we would love to see. Here are a few of mine below:

Recycled bottle Chihuly sculpture

Keith Haring wood sculptures

Domino Mona Lisa (I need a better pic of this!)

 Stuart Davis Installations


  1. We made a magnificent Chihuly 'rainbow tower'. It was displayed I the school 'atrium' - a large open hallway at the entrance of th school. It was 6' tall, and represented a lot of hard work as sell as personal financial investment (cage wire core, etc). It 'disappeared' within days after I retired. Noisy even called me to see if I wanted my parts back. :(


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