Monday, December 12, 2016

Visual Comp 1 Assessment

This is due on Friday 12/16. Absolutely no late grace period. If you do not turn it in you will receive a zero. Please make sure you answer ALL PARTS OF THE QUESTION. This needs to be typed and handed in. Use this handout to help you answer the questions.
Common assessment #1: Art History

Throughout time, artists have built upon each other’s influence. An artist can view a work from the past
and become inspired to build on ideas and develop a unique approach of his/her own. Select an artwork
you have created so far in 8th VA COMP. Compare this artwork with an artist's artwork(s) from the
past/present and answer the following questions:

-Who is the influencing artist and why was/is their work impactful? (at least 5 sentences)

-What is similar about your work and the artist's work? What is different?

(focus on style, media, subject matter, purpose and outside influences)

-Do you think this artist would have liked your work? Why or why not? (at least 2 sentences)

You can do this through:

-a written 3 paragraph essay
-a compare and contrast chart
-a powerpoint or similar presentation
-a sticky note visual with commentary
-a recorded interview on camera

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