Monday, December 12, 2016

Portfolio Requirements for VC1

There seems to be some confusing about what needs to be on your website by 12/14/2016. Please refer to the original blog post.  You need to have the following pages:

1. Home page - with your artist statement on it
2. Sketchbook page - with four of your best drawings on it
3. Altered book page - with 2-4 of your best pages on it
4. Projects page - colored pencil, painting, reflections, color wheel and print on it.
5. Assessment - We will have an assessment this week that needs to be on it.

Please remember what we went over about taking photographs for the website and how to crop pictures in order to put emphasis on the artwork and not the bush in the background! Please take the time to make this portfolio look personal by adding your own pics or copyright appropriate pics in the headers. Do not use default pics!

If you have any additional questions please see me when you can or email.

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