Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It's Wednesday!

Today is the day I want to hear from you Visual Compers!

Here is a recap of what is going on so far:

1) Monday I posted an Art Bingo that you should be working on daily. Please send me a pic of your completed work. You can email it to me or upload and share in Office 365.

2) Yesterday I posted a flipgrid for you to drop in and say hello on - thank you to the 3 of you that responded.

3) Today at 11:30 - noonish (we can go longer if need be....) we will have a zoom meet-up with a contest for who has the best bed head!

4) ANY OTHER ASSIGNMENTS you see posted are merely there to help engage your creativity and to grow your artistic practice.  I will be posting lots of fun "extra" art stuff so check in daily!

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